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The estate agency AGORA’ is managed directly by the owner Graziella Di Camillo who has gained more than ten years of experience in this field. Recognized and registered N.REA 168555 Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and the role of the former n.832 estate agents.

Enrolled in the register estate agent of Chieti n.832 and n. REA 168555.

The branch is at Torino di Sangro small town on the Adriatic coast situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful sandy beach lido Le Morge, it’s the coastline of the Trabocchi (antique construction for fishing) where the sea is uncontaminated , overlooks on the right side the lower valley of the river Sangro and its outfall the amazing Lecceta ( natural reserve) which covers an area about 220 hectares of protected area. The territory extends for an area of 32.31 sq km intensively cultivated with olive groves and vineyards.

In the mediaeval the XII century it was controlled by the Benedictine monastic of the nearby abbey of San Giovanni in Venere . Until the XV century it was feudal possession of the abbey of St. Stephen in Rivo Mare before being sold to the city of Lanciano. In the XVI century it was a feud of Luigi Carafa then it had the lordship of d’Aquinio, the Giovene and the d’Avalos and finally the De Stefano.

The green forests, the rolling hills on which stands small towns that still maintain intact their traditions , the mountain with the famous ski resorts such as Roccaraso Ovindoli, Passo Lanciano , lakes such as Scanno, Bomba , for all the emotions it offers makes Abruzzo a beautiful region to visit.

Our land with olive groves and vineyards produce excellent olive oil and wines as the typical Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, that accompanies our delicious meals such as the famous and tasty rintrocilo all'abruzzese (handmade pasta) , or pallotte cacio e ove (patty with cheese and eggs) roast lamb ,and many different types of cheese.

If we move to the coast you can enjoy tasty dishes such as fish brodetto, mixed grills, mussels, shellfish and spaghetti marinara.

Most of the properties I propose to sale are located on the beautiful coast of the Trabocchi.

The trabocchi (antique construction for fishing) are spread along the coast of Abruzzo making it very singular. Their origins are lost in the mists of time, in fact no one can determine the exact period in which they were placed on the seaside.

One can only assume that their invention has been originated for the fear man felt for open sea fishing. So it was more convenient and secure to fish from a stable platform connected to the mainland by a wooden wharf.

Their presence makes our coasts really picturesque.


  • 45 minutes from the airport of Pescara
  • 1:20 hour from Roccaraso ski resort
  • 2:30 hours from Rome
  • 10 minutes to shipment hydrofoil boat to the islands Tremiti
  • 2:30 hours from Naples
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